How I went from 270 to 220 pounds.

Back in highschool, some of my HS “friends" called me “fatfuck". It came from the meme that said that a fat chef whose friend texted him “fatfuck" everyday who lost a lot of weight.

My “friends” thought calling me “fatfuck” would work. Nope it didn’t. Correlation isn’t causation.

I distanced myself from them during college, calling me fatfuck was something I could no longer tolerate from them.

I’m not bitter about it. Maybe a little bit. But it’s not a thing that crosses my mind anymore.

However, I don’t think things of that nature motivated me to be healthier.

This comes from a passage by Zig Ziglar who realized that really shifted up my paradigm this year. Zig said that he encouraged his daughter to call him “fatboy”. And the reason he couldn’t lose weight was that his image and goal was still of the “Fatboy". It wasn’t until he changed this visual image of being fat to being more toned that he lost weight.

Back to my story.

I chanced upon a Reddit AMA with Terry Crews. He said that the best thing to do is to go to the gym

Every. Single. Day.

Because you then build up the habit of going to the gym, and that you don’t necessarily have to go and workout hard.

So I did that. In 2017, I went to the gym everyday to do planks, and maybe some other exercises if I felt like it.

I also did the Keto diet at the same time.

And lastly, I checked my weight every morning and wrote it down. Progress became addictive. Soon enough I was down to 240, then 230. (But not the elusive 220).

So what’s the point here?

The point is what Charles Duhigg, James Clear, and Jeff Olson all try to argue for in their bestselling books about habits.

Habit is essential. Habit is what happens every day. We live in the everyday. If we can improve ourselves and our habits everyday, we improve so much more in the long term due to compounding interest.

And so that was how I kind of lost that amount of weight. Slowly building good habits and setting long term goals.

Because I set up myself to try Track and Field in college, I found myself in an environment where the people around me were really intense about working out. Therefore I did too.

And that was how I got down to that elusive 220.

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