The Best Work Relationship I’ve Had

I’m a college student. Technically a fresh grad. I’ve not yet entered the work force (emphasis on yet).

Here I want to talk about the best work relationship I’ve had, and contrast it to others I’ve had.

For my Best Work Relationship:

  • Weekly Meetings for up to 2 hours
  • Constant communication
  • Open sharing of faults

For the Worst Work Relationships:

  • Lack of the sharing of faults
  • No meetings that were consistent
  • Non-constant and closed communication

Also, for my worst work relationships, we were good friends (and still are, I can talk about anything with these people honestly).

But what I realized is that, I have a hard time dealing with people who have mental health problems, which they both had, specifically, Bipolar disorder.

Which made me realize, above anything else, I need a work partner who is not emotionally volatile, or else, I shut off. If they get mad at me, that often does not motivate me to do better.

You can still hold people accountable without blowing off your top. There’s ways to do it.



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